ProGrips - From Design to Gym Floor

Since we launched in 2007 with our flagship product the ProGrips CLASSIC, our mission has been to bring our customers products that enhance workouts, are durable and help them achieve their fitness goals. We continuously raise the bar in the Fitness Industry when it comes to professional Grip & Support equipment.

ProGrips are light to carry, keeps your hands sweat free unlike gloves, are easy to remove during & post workout and have a far superior grip compared to gym gloves. They stop the hard formation of calluses on the hands which you get when not wearing hand protection. You'll never use gym gloves or visit the gym without a pair of ProGrips again!

We introduced the ProGrips EAZE, ProGrips XD & ProGrips PLUS alongside the ProGrips CLASSIC.

Lets outline the ProGrip ranges for you:

ProGrips CLASSICLaunched in Jan 2007 these feature a 2mm thick leather pad with 4 finger loops to keep the pad in place. These are perfect for all round use and a great choice overall.

ProGrips XD - Our XD's came about purely from customer feedback. A great majority of users love to feel the bar while using our Classic Grips however some requested and asked if we could design a thicker ProGrip with more padding. We listened and introduced the thicker padded ProGrip range.

ProGrips EAZE - We thought long and hard about the way ProGrips were being used and by whom. Alot our users are from the CrossFit community. When doing sets or circuits we think of 'speed & effectiveness' hence our slip on/off ProGrips EAZE were brought to market.

ProGrips PLUS - This is one of our most innovative products to date. Brought to market in 2014 and in design for 2 years, these have revolutionised the way you work out. This product combines the amazing grip of the ProGrips with the essential support of the Wrist Wrap.

Getting The Right Size ProGrip For You?

Measure across the palm of your hand and note the measurement in cm's.

  • 6-7.5 cm's wide with thin fingers choose Extra Small ProGrips
  • 7.5-8.5 cm's wide with average fingers choose our small ProGrips
  • 8.5-9.5 cm's wide with choose our medium ProGrips
  • 9.5cm's+ with large fingers choose our large ProGrips

If you want to speak to someone about which size/style is best suited to you then please give us a call where we can have a quick chat to ensure you get the correct product.

What Make ProGrips Grip Like Glue?

Bringing the perfect gripping aid design to market was only part of the challenge ahead of us all those years ago. We also researched and developed a high tack resin that is applied to the leather of every single pair of ProGrips, this is one of the things that sets us apart from our competitors. There is no grip like it available on the market, no matter what you read!

Our unique application can be reactivated by adding a single drop of water to the pad and rubbing it in until you feel the traction 'kick in'.

Do not be fooled by similar looking products that are made from rubber or foam. These products are cheap for a reason and will tear or rip within weeks. Our ProGrips last for years, just read our customer reviews!